Lasheba Hair Conditioner Bar


Lasheba Hair Conditioner Bar

Argan 25g
Avocado 25g
Castor Oil 25g
Coffee Silk 25g
Hempseed 25g
Jojoba 25g
Mango 25g
Monoi de Tahiti 25g
Neroli 25g
Nettle 25g
Olive & Comfrey 25g
Olive & Comfrey 50g
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Lasheba Hair Conditioner Bar

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Lasheba Conditioner Bar

Argan 25g, Avocado 25g, Castor Oil 25g, Coffee Silk 25g, Hempseed 25g, Jojoba 25g, Mango 25g, Monoi de Tahiti 25g, Neroli 25g, Nettle 25g, Olive & Comfrey 25g, Olive & Comfrey 50g

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