Iron & Velvet Household Cleaning Box 1


Iron & Velvet Household Cleaning Box 1 (Set of 5)

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Fresh smelling, while not overpowering and great all round cleaning!  Simply keep one of your used empty spray bottles, rinse out, stick label on bottle, pop sachet in, add required amount of water, shake and use.

A label is supplied for each cleaner and also an instruction leaflet.

We love them!  Once tried you will never go back.


Household Cleaning Box

Set of 5

  • Bathroom Multisurface Cleanser – Orange and Ginger
  • Kitchen AntiBacterial Surface Cleaner – Coconut and Lime
  • Household Glass & Mirror Cleaner – Apple & Mint
  • Household Floor Cleaner – Sandalwood
  • Oven Cleaner -Low Odour

100% Plastic Free

70% Natural


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