BeeWrap (Set of 3) Natural Beeswax Wraps Round 20/20/28cm


BeeWrap Natural Beeswax Wrap (Set of 3) Round 20/20/28cm

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BeeWrap Natural Beeswax Wraps

Set of 3 wraps per pack

Round 20/20/28cm diameter – 1 off each per pack

These bees wax food wraps are a must for your kitchen!  Replace cling film, sandwich bags and foil with these beauties.  Better for the environment and better for you!

Simply use the wrap any where that you would normally use cling film, bags or foil.  Cover your bowls of left overs, or wrap up half used veggies.  Great for wrapping up cheese, sandwiches, cold meats, bread and cakes.

The only thing you cannot use them for is to wrap up raw meat or fish, other than those the world is your oyster!

These beautiful wraps from BeeWrapUK are made with 100% cotton, beeswax, tree rosin and oil.  The natural anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties in the wax and rosin will help keep food fresh and allow repeated usage.

Easy to clean, simply wash in Luke warm water with a little dish soap, rinse and then hang to dry naturally.   Used regularly BeeWrap should last for 9-12 months.  Once they have done their job and fulfilled their lives they can be used for all sorts of other things, such as firelighters, wed control in the garden, or simply compost them.

Full instructions are on the reverse of the packaging.

Watch video below for info on how to use.


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