Let’s talk about making a few useful eco swaps

So, here we are, living on a beautiful planet that is quite frankly in a mess. None of this was intentional of course, but now we know, now we must change. The question is how best can we change things and how quickly?

It’s easy really, just a case of getting your head around it and adapting to a few lifestyle changes. The best way forward is to do a little at a time, otherwise you get over faced with it all. I’ve listed some changes that will make a real difference below. Start by doing just a few at a time and gradually increase it. You’ll be surprised at just how easy and fun it is once you start.

  • Liquid hand soap and shower gels can be changed to solid soaps.
  • Swap liquid hair shampoo and conditioners for solid bars.
  • Use a shaving soap bar instead of foam in a can.
  • Swap disposable razors for a stainless steel razor.
  • Use facial soap bars instead of cleansers packaged in plastic.
  • Witch Hazel or Rosewater make fantastic skin toners and come in glass bottles.
  • Coconut oil in a glass jar to remove mascara instead of eye make-up remover wipes or plastic packed ones.
  • Change to a natural deodorant packaged in cardboard tubes or a tin.
  • Opt for toothpaste tablets instead of toothpaste in a tube.
  • Replace cotton wool pads with bamboo washable reusable pads.
  • Use Bamboo stemmed organic cotton buds instead of plastic stemmed buds.
  • Washing powder packed in cardboard, or soap nuts make a great alternative to liquid laundry wash .
  • Make your own fabric conditioner (plenty of easy recipes online).
  • Make your own dishwasher powder (as above).
  • Change your plastic dishwashing brush for an all natural one.
  • Hate paper straws? Keep a stainless steel one in your bag, or in your car.
  • Make your own house cleaning products, or opt for Iron & Velvet cleaning sachets!
  • Swap plastic based dishcloths for bamboo or organic cotton ones, which can be washed and reused.
  • Natural loofah sponge makes a great alternative to plastic dish washer scouring pads.
  • Swap milk packaged in plastic to milk in glass bottles.
  • Eat less meat and dairy and eat more plant based meals. A balance is best!
  • Check your local councils recycling information, in order to make any recycling you do worthwhile.
  • Use the Ecosia search engine for online browsing instead of Google or others. Ecosia plant trees with profits!
  • Lastly but not least and probably the most important thing of all is to travel wisely. Car share where possible, use the trains or buses when you can and if you have to fly anywhere use an airline that does carbon emission compensation as a matter of course.

I know, there is a lot up there, but most of those swaps are really easy to achieve and make a huge difference to the amount of plastic that ends up in the wrong places. A little goes a long way and a lot goes even further! Do what you can when you can. I can tell you that you will save money very quickly by refusing to buy all the extra stuff you don’t really need. Forget the Bogoffs, it’s just an advertising ploy to get you to buy more! When you’re out shopping, just ask yourself at least twice, ‘do I really need this?’. I bet you will find that nine times our of ten the answer will be no.

Happy refusing, reusing and making important changes!

Gail X

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