First Anniversary – First Blog!

Hello and welcome to my very first attempt at blogging! I promise from this moment forward to try and do my best to make anything I write, firstly legible, secondly interesting and thirdly short.

So here at Hippy Hare HQ we are about to celebrate our first anniversary. Just before Christmas 2019 I had an idea and for once I let that idea grow and grow it did! The idea came about quite by accident and what a happy little accident it turned out to be. Quite frankly I was in a place where I could think of nothing other than the state our oceans were in and the dreadful impact humans were and are having on our beautiful planet. The place we call our home. My mind struggled every time I went grocery shopping. So much plastic everywhere, I started to feel I was drowning in it and virtually every item I picked up contained un-sustainable palm oil. My other frustration was the fact that every time I wanted to buy something that would be kinder to the planet it was costing me a pretty penny on postage, making something that was already difficult to achieve a great deal harder financially.

That was enough to kick start me. I was sat on the sofa one evening and the thought popped into my head (like it does). What if I bought a few of these products in bulk and started to sell them to family, friends and work colleagues? I sat on the idea for a couple of days and I thought of nothing else. I ate, slept and breathed the environmental problems and how I could maybe do something to help instead of feeling so helpless. So there you have it. I never expected it to become what it has, but I am so happy that it has grown so much. My happiness comes from the knowledge and the experiences during my working days that more and more people have and are continuing to make small changes at home and that means less plastic, less dirty palm oil and less cruelty on animals.

Why The Hippy Hare Company? Another popping thought. It popped into my head and there it stayed and I have never looked back. Thank you for reading and thank you for joining me on this journey.

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